We partner with the best US startups to replicate their model in Russia

About Us

Innovative power of American entrepreneurs

Our understanding of doing business in Russia

At rocket we belive in ru.net

We look to combine the innovative power of American entrepreneurs with our knowledge of what it takes to succeed in the Russian market.

We don't like the idea of just cloning a successful American company. Shameless cloning is stealing.

We prefer to partner with the most ambitious Western startups and help them grow in Russia and CIS in exchange for their technological knowhow. We clone responsibly.

About Us

Good Rocket helps leading US based tech startups launch in Russia and CIS. We take care of local rollouts in exchange for technology support and product know-how.

    Good Rocket

  • Hire best team
  • Provide capital
  • Customer acquisition
  • Daily operations
  • Gets tech support, know-how in exchange for operational roll-out

    Us Startups

  • Idea, business model
  • Technological support
  • Supplier relations
  • Strategic guidance
  • Gets equity stake, board sits in JV in Exchange for know-how


    Vasile Tofan

  • Horizon Capital, Ovuline, Philips, Monitor Group
  • Netherlands, Russia, Romania, Moldova, Nigeria
  • BSc, MSc Erasmus University Rotterdam, MBA Harvard Business School
  • English, French, Dutch, Romanian, Russian
  • Chess, squash

    Evgeny Koudryavtsev

  • VTB Capital, TPG Capital, J.P.Morgan
  • Russia, UK, USA
  • BA Higher School of Economics, MBA Harvard Business School
  • English, Russian
  • Football, tennis

    Andrej Rusakov

  • Open Capital, Apax Partners, Morgan Stanley
  • Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA, Lithuania
  • MSc in mathematics and statistics; MBA Harvard Business School
  • English, Russian, Lithuanian
  • Basketball, tennis, kite-surfing, snowboarding, skiing

Still plenty of room to grow!

Russian internet is booming

Internet users

Internet penetration (%)

Russia is already the largest & highest growth Internet market in Europe

Internet audience (M)

Growth '10-'11

Online services grow faster than growth of the internet audience

Online adversting


Digital content revenue


E-commerce to triple by 2020

$10bn -> $30bn

as it catches up with Europe



If you have a rocket startup and want to launch it in Russia, shot out.


If you are a rock-star entrepreneur, potential CEO, CTO or C-whatever-O, we'd love to hear you.


If you believe in our rock-solid market, team and concept, we are still fundraising.